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Student Testimonials​

Wow! I’m very excited about this certification. I could argue that this is just as important, if not more important, than my pharmacy degree. The PBM industry keeps growing and I’m excited to hopefully get involved in it. You are one of the best teachers/professors I have encountered and this course should be taught at every pharmacy school. Thank you for allowing me to be involved. This course is one of the most important tools in the fight against the big 5. Keep up the incredible work and I look forward to crossing paths with you in the future. Take care, Tyrone.
Michael Thomas, PharmD at PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy

This class was no joke! But the hard work and dedication paid off. Unfortunately, I can’t unsee what I learned and I look forward to helping my clients understand the various options when reviewing PBM contracts. The work has only just begun!
Claire Bove, Senior Health & Welfare Consultant at PSA Insurance and Financial Services

The course was excellent. I have 31 years in the business and this was among the best educational opportunities of my career. I give you high marks and a rave review for both your content, your style and most importantly, your moral outlook on these matters.
David Albanese, Senior Consultant at PSA Insurance and Financial Services

Thanks very much, Tyrone! I busted my hump on this, especially the last few weeks. I’m certainly glad it paid off. I learned a lot – thanks for the kind words and all the good info!
Joy Crump, Placement Leader at NFP

I want to thank you so much for the knowledge, energy and passion you brought to the topics covered in the course. Your delivery was so electric! Not only was there never a dull moment in this course, the information shared was so eye opening. Throughout the class I kept saying to myself how can I have spent so much time managing employee benefit programs (over 20 years) and not have been aware of much of the material covered in this course. I thought I knew much more that I knew before I took this course. I feel so much more equipped now, though I am certain there is so much more to learn. If ever you consider offering other related courses, please let me know. I would love to consider enrolling.
Charonda McGill, AVP Health & Wellness/HRIS at Lendmark Financial Services
  Highly recommend this course! Valuable information that I use and apply every day!
Necole Grevers, National Finance Lead at Insurance Office of America

I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the training. As you can see below by my signature, I have other designations. I can honestly say this was, by far, the most challenging certification course I’ve taken. I know I still have much more to learn, but this class has set me in the right direction.
Tony Cochren, Vice President of Employee Benefits at German American Insurance

I truly thank you for your effort in putting together this class, I learned more than I ever thought I would. I have always found it hard to concentrate in school and you kept me engaged, answers all my questions and I was pumped after each class. I have probably listened to those course replays 4-5 times each and get more out of them each time I watch them. It is invaluable for me and my agency.
Michael Adams, Managing Partner at Workforce Benefit Solutions

Thanks Tyrone. The course was very detailed oriented and learned a lot.
Dae Y. Lee, Esq., at Frier and Levitt Attorneys at Law

I just completed my Certified Pharmacy Benefits Specialist certification and DANG was it tough! I learned so many things I look forward to sharing with my clients and community. Right now, I am seeing about 20%-28% in preliminary savings for a self-funded prospect. That is just Rx costs! We haven’t even started on the medical yet.
Robson Baker, Employee Benefits and HR Advisor at Clarus Benefits Group